The Victor of the Nyingmapa Lord of Dharma- Kathok Main Monastery, the Second Secret   Abode, Kathok    引言

Auspicious environmental circumstances in the main Kathok Monastery in Western Kham殊勝地緣

 Founder of the Tibet Kathok Monastery 創寺第一人

The interdependent circumstances of the 13 hair strands in Kathok Monastery in Tibet十三根頭髮的因緣

  Tibet’s Kathok   Monastery- School of Eternal Life Introduction:十萬條彩虹永恆生命學校

One hundred rainbow from Nyingmapa Kathok Monastery in Western Kham十萬條彩虹

Kathok          biography of lives of H.H. Jamyang Rinpoche(1)

The main monastery of Kathok, H.H. Jamyang Rinpoche(2)

Vernerable Vajra Master: The autobiography of Tubten Sonam Norbu Pe Sangpo Rinpoche






 The main monastery of Kathok, H.H. Jamyang Rinpoche



The source of the great Old Translation School Vajrayana Teachings, the victorious Lord of Dharma Nyimgapa Kathok Main Monastery

[ The main monastery of Kathok, H.H. Jamyang Rinpoche]

H.H. Jamyang Rinpoche

Homage to the precious three jewels!
In the center of the snow region that is surrounded by the cool snow mountain regions
The great Vajrayana Old Translation School’s Path of Vajra Step is supreme
Propagating the sacred omniscience Kathok Tradition
I prostrate and bow down to all the lineage masters

In the center of the holy place of the source of the great Vajrayana Old Translation School, the Nyingmapa Kathok Main Monastery, the place where the great secret Old Translation Nyingmapa Teaching shines like the water source, is the Kathok Dorjeden, or Kathok vajra seat. The lineage is passed down from father to his heart son. Tathagata Precious Kathokpa Master Deshere Senge’s name is renown in the thousand world system. The monastery the venerable master established has preserved the genuine Buddha Dharma for a thousand years. The Three Lord’s (Manjushri, Avaloketeshvara, Vajrapani) manifestations have continuously taking birth to benefit sentient beings. He is just one of the great numbers of tulkus that have manifested. The following is a brief description of the line of Jamyang Tulkus.

According to the Great Siddha Dorjechen Jigme Chenje Oser’s prophecy, the manifestations are:

First manifestation: In India, the land of Arya, he was Lawapa, one of the 80 Mahassidhas.

Second manifestation:
During the time of Atisha, Jowo of the Land of Snow, he wass Ge Lotsawa Lodan Shira.

Third manifestation: Master Kathok Wuoh Yeshe Pongpa in Kathok Monastery.

Fourth manifestation: Master Guru Choki Wangchuk, the first of the one hundred great Tertons.

Fifth manifestation: He was the descendent of Rigdzin Longsel Nyingpo’s uncle, and his name was Longsen Chokni Gyatso (a name given by Guru Rinpoche). His main practice was the profound method of offering the body (Prajna Chod). Through Chod he attained Enlightenment.

Six manifestations: Descendent of Zaka zashi Phontsok’s uncle. He was recognized as a Tulku by Choje Kathok Jigme Songong Kongbu. Choje Songong Rinpoche offered the Tulku an extraordinary blessed Manjushri Statue. He was given the name Great Tulku Jamyang (which means the manifestation of Manjushri), and his manifestation fulfilled the prophecy from the Sutra texts. From then on, all the manifestations are all called The Great Tulku Jamyang.

Seventh manifestation: A great Terton and a Master of Mantra Palden Dorje, or Urgyen Jamyang Gyatso. Choje Jigme Songong Rinchen Junge Gonpo recognized him as the reincarnate Tulku and enthroned him in Kathok Monastery. He discovered many Termas including the Khandro Manadrava Long life Sadhana.

Eight Manifestation: Master Kathok Rinzhen Jampa Dorje. He was recognized by several masters in Litang, and was enthroned in Kathok Guru Rinpoche Temple. He served as the abbot for the monastery, but later engaged in a strict retreat for rest of his life. He attained the ultimate accomplishment in one lifetime.

Ninth Manifestation: Master Padma Chenei Jyatso, Geze Mahapandita Jigme Danpa Namjia’s nephew. He possessed wisdom and miraculous power, but passed away at young age.

Tenth Manifestation: Extraordinary manifestation of Manjushri and the lineage holder of Terton Longsel Nyingpo, the one prophesized by Guru Rinpoche, Kyabje Danpa Denzen Gyatso, or the present day H.H. Jamyang Rinpoche. His Holiness was born in [Mahri] in Kham, North of the sacred land Dorjeden, The area was in the village of Luo Er Ahje, in the Kagon Town, in the present day Jianyuan Provance, in the region of Gede, a virtuous land. He was born in the [Sheyul] family. (Sheyul means house of gold and jade). He was with no mistake the descendent of Rigdzin Terton Duldul Dorje. He was born on the First Day of the Ninth Month in Tibetan Calendar, in the Year of Metal Tiger. His father and mother practice the Dharma diligently. His family was virtuous, compassionate, kind, generous, smart, fearless, talented, and their eyes for discriminating law of karma is as big as the sky. In the fourteen generations of his family line, there were no faults committed, and they all abandoned the ten non-virtuous actions. All fourteen generations held and relied on Kathok Lineage.

[(Left)Minister Kyabje Kathok Shong kyiong Rinpoche.Kyabje Kathok Jamyang Rinpoche]

His father Tashi, and mother Sorang Chochen were born in the pure class. They were not deceitful, had no emotion of anger, abandoned jealousy, stinginess, were not arrogant, were trustworthy, and possessed extremely subtle three poisons. His mother stayed away from womanly fault, and possessed perfect virtue.
When his mother was pregnant, she dreamt she was carrying a barrel of water on her back. Later, the water turned into milk-like ambrosia, and she gave them to everyone. At this time there was a male eagle flew down from the blue sky and landed on her shoulder, and then she heard the chirping of the Coo Coo Bird, which was a sign of joy. Everyone around her was elated.
His Holiness was different than other babies. He sat in the placenta straight up, not upside down (Note: unlike other who was born head first and feet last, and not covered by placenta). His umbilical cord wrapped his body like the monastic shawl. The sky was filled with many rainbows. All the people in the village were surprised to witness these miraculous signs.
Soon after his birth, Kathok Gezhe Mahapandita Junme Danpa Ranjia Rinpoche suddently had a vision of Palden Lhamo. She told him the place and the family His Holiness was born in. He then sent the young Tulku robes, protection Buddha statue, and his personal letter.

When His Holiness met the attendants from previous life he felt very close to them, and wanted to play with them. He could unmistakably pick out his personal belonging and protection Buddha statue among other similar items, and this lead the people who was witnessing this developed faith. Later, one of the main disciple of Kathok Gezhe Rinpoche, His Holiness’s uncle, Gonrang Rodan taught him <Commentary on Praises to Manjushri>, and <Words of Sakya>.
When His Holiness was young, he did not show any secular imprints. He was very good at imitating other masters give teaching, doing meditating, writing, and playing musical instruments. He always displayed act of righteousness. When he was six years old, in the Wooden Sheep year, the Sixth Month, the Tenth Day, the auspicious day when Guru Rinpoche was born, at Dorje Den Kathok Monastery, at a gathering with Kathok Jigme Songong Rinpoche, Kathok Mozha Rinpoche, Kathok Situ Rinpoche, and many other great masters, he and Logya Rinpoche both were enthroned according to the traditional ceremony on the Indestructible Seat of Terton Rigdzin Longsel Nyingpo. They both received offering from many Sanghas and Lamas in the ceremony.

[Picture of Kyabje Kathok Rigzin Jamyang Rinpoche compassionately smiling in front of camera during the time when he was seeing his followers in li tang  Pa bar  Monastery]

During culture revolution, despite political restrictions, he never stopped learning, contemplating, and practicing Dharma. He learned from the talented Khenpo Tukden and Manga Pezha grammar, logics, astrological calculations, <Actions of a Buddhist>, <Guide to Bodhhisattva Way of Life>, and <Triple Vinaya>. Because he was exceptionally gifted, he learned everything without any difficulty, and understood everything. He also received the practice of Ngondro from Mahasiddha Logya and Terton Choje Wansho, and displayed signs of attainment through practicing on the Three Roots.
After the reform (in China) the religious restriction was lifted. He received the full monastic ordination from Kathok Monastery Great Perfection Lineage Holder, the Second Primordial Lord, the knowledgeable Khenchen Jiansen Oser Rinpoche. He was given the name Kathok Thubden Chichen Jigme Doah Danbhe Jyamsen (which means Shakya Precept Stainless Buddhist Victory Banner). He kept the outer (Prashimokha Vow), inner Boddhisattva Vow, and the secret Samaya vows perfectly. He displayed extraordinary signs through his practice on Master Longsel Nyinpo’s Phowa and Longchin Nyingtig’s Phowa. He also attained exceptional experiential state of realization through the practice on Great Perfection [Trechod and Togyal].

[Picture of Kyabje Kathok Rigzin Jamyang Rinpoche compassionately smiling in front of camera during the time when he was seeing his followers in li tang  Pa bar  Monastery]

Kyabje Khenpo Jiansen Oser was fond of him. During one auspicious day before Khenpo’s passing, Khenpo asked His Holiness to come right next to him, gave him a sitting mat, a Lama hat, a meterorite Vajra, an antique bell, and said to His Holiness whole heartily: “the responsibility of preserving Buddha’s lineage and the spreading of Kathok’s teaching in the future is now yours”. He then also talked about the secular and religious dharma and wanted His Holiness to be the successor of his position. His Holiness later received < Ancient Translation School Texts> and <The commentary on the Kathok Thirteen Pith Instructions> from the wise Kathok Khenpo Jamyang Jiansen Rinpoche. He also learned how to measure the Mandala and he learned the procedures on how to set up altars so the traditional teaching on Kathok rites of practice was passed down without error. He also perfected the virtue of contemplation, analysis, and practice. He took on the responsibility of becoming the throne holder of Kathok under the command of Kathok Moza Rinpoche and Kathok Songong Rinpoche. He also took on the responsibility of providing educations to the Sanghas. For the people came from all over Tibet seeking teaching, he provided Kathok Lineage teachings, transmissions, sadhanas, and liturgies. He even provided direct, personal instructions on the most subtle process of teaching. Because of this, he was able to unmistakably propagate the Kathok Lineage teaching unceasingly, and he was able to make Kathok Monastery the role model for all other monasteries in Tibet.

Strictly holding monastic vows and keeping the tradition pure is an incomparable, sacred job especially in the present time, the degenerative age where Sangha precepts are facing great catastrophe. In the worldly sense, His Holiness viewed everyone as equal and made rules so the sentient beings can abandon the ten non-virtues and the five poisons regardless of their class, characters, or looks.

The above description is not to boast His Holiness’ virtue for the sake of name and fame.

The victorious holder of the true definite meaning of the excellent Kathok Lineage can be seen by everyone.

We pray for blessing from the Three Roots! May the activity of the three wheels increases unceasingly and benefits all the sentient beings so they can be liberated from the sea of suffering and attend the unsurpassed Enlightenment.



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