The Victor of the Nyingmapa Lord of Dharma- Kathok Main Monastery, the Second Secret   Abode, Kathok    引言

Auspicious environmental circumstances in the main Kathok Monastery in Western Kham殊勝地緣

 Founder of the Tibet Kathok Monastery 創寺第一人

The interdependent circumstances of the 13 hair strands in Kathok Monastery in Tibet十三根頭髮的因緣

Tibet’s Kathok   Monastery- School of Eternal Life Introduction:十萬條彩虹永恆生命學校

One hundred rainbow from Nyingmapa Kathok Monastery in Western Kham十萬條彩虹

Kathok          biography of lives of H.H. Jamyang Rinpoche(1)

The main monastery of Kathok, H.H. Jamyang Rinpoche(2)

Vernerable Vajra Master: The autobiography of Tubten Sonam Norbu Pe Sangpo Rinpoche







Kathok biography of lives of H.H. Jamyang Rinpoche



The Source of Ancient Translation School Teaching- Victorious lord of Dharma: Nyingmapa Kathok Main Monastery 


First manifestation: 
He was the descendent of Rigdzin Longsel Nyingpo’s uncle, and his name was Longsen Chokni Gyatso (a name given by Guru Rinpoche).  His main practice was the profound method of offering the body (Prajna Chod).  Through Chod he attained Enlightenment.

Kathok- biography of lives of H.H. Jamyang Rinpoche


H.H.THE Jamyang Rinpoch

Previous lives of Rigzin H.H. Jamyang Rinpoch- biography of Rigzin Jyamba Dorje. Composed by Kathok Siitu Mahapandita. Biography of the virtuous deed of Rigzin Manjushrivajra

Virtuous lama who bestows teaching and empowerment to sentient beings
He who renounces the eight worldly activities, and erects the banner of practice
Having met the principle deity and the protector directly and who has performed the activity
Homage to Rigzin Manjushirvajra

The brother of The Glorious Rigzin Kathokpa Longsa Nyinpo Ternon Jyopa Legu, or Jiana Zajo Jigpa, or Longseng Chokne Gyatso Rinpoche, is a pratictioner of Prajnapraramita Chod practice. His first reincarnation was born in the area called Jyaga as the brother of Tashi Phontso. Due to the auspicious connection of receiving a statue of Manjushri during the Enthronement in Jyaga Monastery, he was named Jamyang Tulku.

The Second reincarnation was just as Kathok Jigme Songjong prophesized. He was born in the Oh Family in Yulung. He was recognized and brought up by Kathok Jogme Gonpo, and was given the name Jigme Namkha Dorje (Fearless Space Vajra), or Urgyn Jamyang Gyatso. He was the holder of the extensive sadhana for longevity on Mandarava. In the previous life, he had had broken Aja ghost’s legs in the region of Niuong Bejhyo Gansan. He also had subdued many evil spirits that gathered in this region. His lineage of reincarnation has been prophesized by Ko Khyense. His line of reincarnation was the follwing: Mahasiddha Lawapa in India, Translator Lodan Serao, Guru Choki Wangchuk, Yapa Yesheben, Longshen Chokni Gyatso or Jigpa Legu, Jigme Namkai Dorje. This line of reincarnation belongs to the Supreme Guru Rigzin Manjushrivajra.

Master’s previous life passed away around the mountain in Letang Aja. The third or the present reincarnation was born in the Fourteenth cycle in the Fire Horse year (1846) in the Chagung village in the area of Letang Paniang Aja. His fater was Geshe Tushi Phontsok, and his mother was the daughter of Momensi Dorje. Terton Tsaosi prophesized the master’s previous reincarnation was Jigme Namkhai, and the Master took birth due to the request of his brother from his previous life. Both Dzogchen Menji Namkai Dorje and Drupchen Chokyin Rangjo also gave their prophecy. The Mater was recognized and was under Jigme Yongden Gonpo’s care. Letang Dagoma, Master’s nephew from previous life, gave Master the name Nyamgya Gyatso. Mahassiddha Drupchin Chokyin Rangjo bestowed Master monastic ordination and gave him the dharma name Jhampa Dorje. The master lived in Chaopu for three years. During his five year stay in Chakge, Kathok Jigme Yongden Gonpo and Ningo Chawang Jigme Gyatso performed the Enthronement Ceremony at the Golden Throne in Gathok Guru Rinpoche Hall.
He had received the instruction on the preliminary practice of the Luminous Vajra Essence from Mahasiddha Choyin Randrol. From Situ Choyin Roju he received the complete, Longsal Nyinpo Terma collection, Nyinma Karma collection, thirteen cannons on the Lama’s mind, nine texts on Eight Herukas, all the collection on Gyatso Nyinpo and Ratna Linpa, method of penetrating the mind, Northern Treasure Eight Heruka, and the empowerment and oral transmission on the Eight Herukas: Perfection of the Secrets. He also had perfected the practice on the five preliminary practice on the perfect Luminous Vajra Essence (Vajragharba) Ngondro. He received the instruction and the oral transmission on Dzogchen Nyintig Yabshi, and received detailed experiential teaching on the practice of Trechod and Togyal according to Vajra Essence Lineage under Ridgzin Sonam Bandan. He received the commentaries on the three precepts from Jigme Sanden, a disciple of Sinpan Tayi of Dzogchen Lineage. He received oral teaching on Entering the Boddhisattva Path and the text on Virute and Treasure from Patrul Rinpoche. From the seat in Jiazang Wandhi, he received from his disciple from previous life Nyingma Termas, Empowerment and oral transmission on the Iron Hair Hayagriva, and the Five Essences and the Five Planets of astrology. He also is well versed in the science of terminology.
During the seventeen years of being the abbot in Garshe Dechen Monastery, he also did the Nongdro, and received Terma teaching form Terton Yesirwa. From the great accomplisher in Kanzhe Padma Duldul, or Ranzha Druchin, he received the empowerment on the profound practice of Self Liberation in the Pervasive Space, and the instruction on Great Perfection. Also, first time when he offered his recognition of experiential experience, he began the retreat on Wrathful Guru for six months, and then preformed many hundred day retreats. He received the entire collection on Gezhe Panchen from Kathok Situ Chokji Lorgyur. He received the entire Jigme Shongong Collection, Mahakala, and Lion Face Dakini of Master Marde from Chewang Rinchen Gyatso. From Jigme Joden Gonpo, he received the Monastic Ordination, the whole collection on Duldul Terma, and some of the writing from Tukje Zairuo. In the sacred place Dachin Shenlha, he taught the entire collection on Duldul Rinpoche’s Terma, which was requested by Mahasiddha Chungyawa Chianchu. Mahassidha Chungyawa also taught him during this time. He had learned many practices under Duldul Sangah Lingpa. He then went to areas around Golok and bestowed the entire collection of Longsel Nyinpo. Garlwa Terton Longyang recognized him as the Lord of Terma. Later, he went to Gongning Meditation Ling, and Tangyur teacher Badan of Chaopu bestowed the entire oral transmission of Tangyur. He received the empowerment and teaching of Longchen Nyingtig and Golden Single Syllable of Black Yangdak from Singlong Khentse in Tsundhi. From Dzongsar Auspicious Peak, the auspicious Manjugosha, Vajradhara Jamyang Khentse Wangpo bestowed him long life empowerment from Ridzin Drupa cycle. Jamyang Khentse Wangpo gave him a statue of Padmasambhava in the Jambhala aspect, which brought His Holiness limitless prosperity. From the Temple of Tsongsho Gathering of Tagathatas, Manjugosha Guru Jamkong Kontrul the great Vajradhara gave the oral transmission of the one hundred thousand sutras, Mahamudra teachings, commentaries on Padmasambhava’s Lam Rim, empowerments and teaching on the Gathering of Three Jewels, oral transmission on the seven chapters of Profound Path, and the pith instruction on how to both clear the obstacles during practice, and further one’s attainment. From the sacred land Kathok Dachang, great scholar Mipham Gyatso, one of the great scholars, gave him the oral transmission on the practice of Manjushri in the tantra tradition, and the practice on Manjushri Great Perfection. He then did the practice on Longsel Nyinpo Vajrapani for one year, the practice of Extreme Secretive Unsurpassable Accomplisment in Ka Ninggong Luminous Meditation Monastery. Later he was in retreat for seven more years.
During the period when the Kathok Lineage was very weak, His Holiness took on the responsibility to oversea the monastery for three years. He knew performing secular activity in the name of Buddha Dharma was contrary to Dharma, and His Holiness sees the eight worldly activities as dream and illusion. He relied in the pure yoga of Three Vajra (body of the deity, mantra, and Dharmakaya) and abandoned all the activities that were not in accord with Dharma. He did not spend money in wrong places. In Kathok Monastery, there were statues of The Three Roots, a symbol of the enlightened body. Some were as big as the length of one arrow, and some were as small as the height of one index finger to twelve finger width. There were one hundred forty-eight gold plated copper statues, and one hundred twenty texts, a symbol of enlightened speech. As for the symbol of enlightened mind, he constructed one stupa as tall as a person, two sets of 8 liberation stupas, and commissioned many thangas to be made. He rebuilt the Sangi Tashi Protector Hall in Ningong Monastery, built a brand new retreat center, and lama’s bedrooms. He invited sanghas to perform one hundred thousand tsok of the 100 peaceful and wrathful deities. After he gave all his worldly possessions to the sanghas, he used the 300 pieces of silver left from the offering to commission the carving of the Mani rock pile. Except for the money used for food and water, he wouldn’t take any money from his followers or possessions from the dead. He turned down every invitation from public figures and woman, and resided in a secluded area away from worldly affairs. His only activity was the performing yoga of the hidden three doors, the game of deity form, mantra, and Dharmakaya. He hoisted the banner of Dharma by engaging in 25 years of retreat.
This was a part on the mantra recitation counts on Guru Yoga, the door of blessing. During the retreat he did: 100 million recitation on Longsel Nyingpo’s Padmasambhava, Essence of Blazing Lotus Light, 100 million recitation on Avaloketeshvara’s Mani mantra and its associated unsurpassable essence mantra, Guru Drakpo Blazing Wisdom Mantra 100 million times, several tens of million times of mantra recitation on The Gathering of Eight Herukas, Terton Duldul Dorje’s Vajrakilaya, Ning Black Hayagriva, Hung Hayagriva of Longsel Nyinpo’s tradition, Dechen Karmo of Longchen Nyingtig, Mandarava’s long life mantra from His Holiness’ previous life, Terton Duldul Dorje’s Tara, the wish-fulfilling wheel, Terton Longsel Nyinpo’s Ucchusma, Vajradharani, Red Kurukule, Duldul Dorje’s Parnashavari, The Gathering of the Three Roots from the cycle of the Gathering of Lama’s Mind, Red Lion-face Dakini from Longsel Nyinpo, and the cycle of Majushri’s Body.. He recited the Sutra on The True Name of Manjushri 30 thousand times, the Tantra of Stainless Regret 20 thousand times, and Praises to Tara 100 thousand times. He never mentioned these counts in the public due to secrecy, but (we know these numbers) from the record he kept for counting mantras. Due to his continuous practices four sessions a day, he had accumulated at lest hundred of million times of mantra counts for other practices.
This was the part on his visions of deities. His attendant Chairang Norbu, a man with great devotion that served His Holiness for 39 years said: His Holiness had witness Warthful Guru Blazing Wisdom in the holy place of Choma several times. He also had visions of The Eight Herukas, The Great Gathering Palden Heruka, and Black Hayagriva. In terms of dharma protectors, he had visions of Mahakala, Palden Lhamo, and Dorje Lekpa many times. The local protector of Land of Luminous Kathok Ningong is Dorje Tsoerpa, who served His Holiness like a servant. If the protector did not follow Lama’s command, the protector would manifest even without invocation. Many stories were told about people who wore the Vajra Knots that was given by His Holiness did not receive any injuries. It was widely known the accuracy of his divination according to the Tradition of the Five Dakinis. When he was young, he was well know for his power in calling rain and preventing hails. The Vajra Knots, soil, and incenses blessed by him could stop attacks by evil spirits. There were accounts of people who were once poor became rich, and people who gained a son when they wanted a son by performing wealth ceremony and burying treasure vases according to Feng-Shui placements. Through his power, he was able to understand incidents that were hidden. When the worldly gods obstructed him by hitting his head and shoulder with lightening, he did not receive any injuries. These are his outer common accomplishments.
The following were his uncommon accomplishments. His Holiness was very honest. To the people full of deceptions that were hard to tame in the degenerative age, he would externally manifest signs of wrath in his talks, but in reality the words were important and true. He possessed great compassions towards sentient beings. In his songs of realization, he stated it was very hard to give rise to Bodhhicitta during the beginning, but eventually he began to develop great compassion towards sentient beings. His vows and actions were pure, and he was the same inside and out. Because of his pure precept, he didn’t age much before he entered Nirvana when he was in his Eighty. He was not attached to enjoyment for clothes and food, abandoned name and fame, and became the great Yogi that renounciated Samsara. In the Song of Realization it said “by relying on the mind of profound meaning, I attained the perfect Vajra Body”. From this we definitely know the master had attained the Self-Pure Dzogchen Realization and the truth of the Dharma. His wore long hair and had no lice. According to Prajnaparamita Sutra, this is an accomplishment sign of a Bodhisattava of the Preparatory Path. When his attendant asked him “why is this so”? The master replied “ This maybe the virtue of the path….just joking! I am going to die soon so don’t talk about this!”. During the 15th cycle, in the Water Dog Year (1922), in the Twelve month, the 17th day, he walked out of his room not having any pain or sickness said: the wind has already entered my central channel. I have absolute no doubt about death!”. He then lie down in the Lion Posture, and entered the Samadhi of Luminosity. In the morning of the seventh day, the sign of exiting meditation and signs of attainment manifested. The weather turned warm, and rainbows appeared in the sky. People around his body spontaneously entered in the excellent meditation of the original clarity. The above description was a direct account of what happened, and nothing was added to exaggerate the claim.
By the blessing of Urgen, where the Three Jewels unite
May the manifestation of Guru appear swiftly.
Due to the circumstance of pure precept and the saints of longevity
May the activity of teaching and attainment increase.
May you, protector, accept me in all the lifetimes.
In the virtuous mountain, the Palace of Lotus Light,
Walking in the path of the Lord of Secret, Vajrayana
May I swiftly attain the uncommon Siddhi.

This is written by Kathok Situ Mahapanjida Choki Gyatso.



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