The Victor of the Nyingmapa Lord of Dharma- Kathok Main Monastery, the Second Secret   Abode, Kathok    引言

Auspicious environmental circumstances in the main Kathok Monastery in Western Kham殊勝地緣

 Founder of the Tibet Kathok Monastery 創寺第一人

The interdependent circumstances of the 13 hair strands in Kathok Monastery in Tibet十三根頭髮的因緣

Tibet’s Kathok   Monastery- School of Eternal Life Introduction:十萬條彩虹永恆生命學校

One hundred rainbow from Nyingmapa Kathok Monastery in Western Kham十萬條彩虹

Kathok          biography of lives of H.H. Jamyang Rinpoche(1)

The main monastery of Kathok, H.H. Jamyang Rinpoche(2)

Vernerable Vajra Master: The autobiography of Tubten Sonam Norbu Pe Sangpo Rinpoche






The Victorious Nyingmapa Lord of Dhama- The Kathok Main Monastery: The Second Secret Abode, Kathok Vajra Seat



The Victorious Nyingmapa Lord of Dhama- The Kathok Main Monastery: The Second Secret Abode, Kathok Vajra Seat

[One hundred rainbow from Nyingmapa Kathok Monastery in Western Kham]

[Founding Lineage Master, Rinchen Choje Ka Dampa Rinpoche]

In this day you may have seen the splendid space voyage, you may have seen the night sky filled with brilliant firework, but beyond your wildest dreams you can not imagine what it is like to see one hundred thousand rainbows filling up the sky. Lineage founder Tathagata Rinchen Ka Dampa Deshe benefited sentient beings by giving Dharma in Kathok. After he passed away, during cremation, a beautiful rainbow appeared from the setting Sun stretched over the sky connected to his Stupa. Rainbow body is a sign of accomplishment. Accomplished practitioners, who passed away, a rainbow will shoot out from his or her body. Some practitioner’s body will become only hair and nail. There were even practitioners who transformed into rainbow light and disappeared in the air without a trace. Kathok practitioners often display sign of rainbow body as the perfect and spectacular evidence of their virtuous accomplishment. Their attainment of the immaculate rainbow body is a sign to motivate future practitioners. It is this immaculate rainbow body will forever imprint in the mind of the future practitioners.

Besides the lineage masters and the Tulkus and the great accomplishers who attained rainbow body, there are many monks, khenpos, and practitioners that attained this body as well. Let us hear about their stories!
Disciple of the 12th Choje, Choje Chanchub Ponpa was the Siddha that practice forceful transference. During the time when the monastery was under construction, there were some workers that were tired, and and some that tried to perform divisive act. They bring more than one thousand sheeps to Choje and asked him: “the workers now need food, so should we kill these sheeps”? Choje replied “yes of course. Gave the workers the flesh and put the bones back to the hide”. Then Choje snapped his finger and instantaneously the bone and skin turned into live sheeps, and they ate grass and drank water. He then snapped his finger again and the sheeps transformed into body of light and vanished into the thin air. People that witnessed this were speechless.
Let us also learned about Mahasiddha Padma Duldul. He practiced diligently since when he was little, and was blessed by protectors. When he met Lama Tsopu Dole (Kathok Mahasiddha), faith spontaneously arose from his mind. He received [Vajra Essence of Attainment] Empowerment, and received the pith instruction and Ear-Whisper Lineage on the practice of Dzogchen. He discovered the Terma and relics on [Kacha Rangdrol] (Self-Liberation In the Pervading Space). He had many disciples. Towards the end of his life, he went to Kathok. Just as he entered Kathok, He transformed into rainbow light and disappeared into the air. According to record, he was the last person among the one hundred thousand Kathokpas that attained rainbow body.

      [Rainbow in the Sacred Land In Kathok]

[The One Hundred Thousand Rainbow Body] are the accomplishment only unique in Kathok. This is the repeated motivation and statements given by these Mahasiddhas to the future practitioners. During the degenerative age, it is a prove that Old Translation School, Nyingmapa Dzogchen teaching is the most treasured practice to help liberate sentient beings. It demonstrated the truth that under the guidance of Buddhism, sentient beings can attain the everlasting liberation.
If there is one practitioner that attained rainbow body per day, then there will be 365 rainbows in a year. That means in the time span of 300 years, there is rainbow over Kathok everyday. These rainbows that looks like parasols, bridge, neck of a phoenix, are bright as lightening, and the rainbow that accompanies by flowers and music is such a spectacular sight! Isn’t this Pema Od (Palace of Lotus Light), the residence of Vajradhara? Isn’t this place the Pureland of Bliss? Today, many people who have been to Kathok still enjoy describing the tale about the hundred of thousand of rainbow that once covered the sky over Kathok.

We praise you- the beautiful rainbow of Kathok
We praise you- the immeasurable practitioners that attained rainbow body



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